Greater New Haven Support Group

    The Greater New Haven Celiac Group has been formed for the benefit of all who have celiac disease, the parents of celiac children, and those with dermatitis herpetiformis. The primary goal of the group is to make celiacs aware of the medical necessity of adhering strictly to the gluten-free diet and encouraging, educating and supporting them to accept it as a lifestyle. We strive to make the lives of celiacs healthier and more enjoyable.

The Greater New Haven Celiac Group is affiliated with CSA/USA.  We are Chapter 75.

   For more information you may contact:
President: Donna DiLalla  (203) 926-0927
Children’s co-chairs: Pat Vlamis (203) 758-0106
                                 Loretta Stepanskiy (203) 372-8721.

    To join, click here for the
registration form

   Medical Advisor
     Dr. Henry Binder, Director
     Gen. Clinical Research CenterYale U. School of Medicine - Digestive Diseases
     333 Cedar St - P. O. Box 20801
     New Haven, CT  6520-8019

    Dietetic Advisor
     Kathy French, RD
     Children's Hospital at Yale New Haven Hospital
     20 York St.
     New Haven, CT  06504


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