Catholicism and Celiac Disease

Catholics with celiac disease face additional challenges in that the bread used at Communion must, according to Canon Law, be made of wheat and contain "sufficient gluten to attain the confection of bread."  This is a very painful issue for most Catholics with CD. 

These are some links to information, options and resources regarding Catholicism and celiac disease:


bulletCatholic Communion and Celiac Disease: the Options


bulletThe Catholic Celiac Society


bulletBenedictine Sisters of Clyde, Missouri
The Benedictine Sisters produce a Communion host that is extrememly low in gluten and has been approved for use by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.   They made in a dedicated facility, by hand, and are shipped separately from the regular wheat hosts.  They have been tested to a level of 0.01% gluten, and no gluten was found at that level.