Gluten Free Trading Company
604A W. Lincoln Avenue
Milwaukee WI

This place has EVERYTHING! It is actually a walk-in GF grocery store, but they do mail order. They don’t have a Web sales yet, but they have an extensive catalog.

Gluten Free Pantry

Connecticut celiacs are lucky! This wonderful company is located in Glastonbury, on Oakwood St. If you call in the morning or the day before, you can pick up your order & save on shipping and handling. Take 2E to Exit 8. left off the exit, under the highway. You’ll pass Oak St. on the right. Take the next right, which is Oakwood. They’re a bit down the road, on the left, right after a trucking company whose name I forget. They have a big sign.  For any questions about GF baking, you can ask Liz, their baker--she knows everything. Plus, GREAT mixes.

Gluten Solutions

This company had a WONDERFUL selection of some of the better and harder to find products (like the Bi-Aglut pasta.) They also have an informative email newsletter you can sign up for on their Web site.

Miss Roben’s

Lots of flours and other basics. Personally, I haven’t like the mixes, but the quality of the flours is excellent, and they are very fast on shipping--also very helpful.

Authentic Foods

Fantastic flours. Yummy pancake mix. I get it in bulk. They’re in California, I think so count on a week or more for the stuff to arrive, but worth the wait. They sell cornstarch in bulk--cheaper than Argo, and we do use a lot.

The Really Great Food Company

Excellent mixes and other treats. The breads are beautifully fine-textured. The English muffins are time-consuming and a bit challenging, but once you bite into one, you will never yearn for Thomas’ again. Really fast shipping--came the next day!

Dietary Specialties

They have all sorts of indulgences, like ravioli. I haven’t ordered from them, but they have a good reputation. A friend gave me one of their coffeecakes, and it was excellent. Their cake mixes are supposed to be among the best. We just don’t eat cake a lot.

Gifts of Nature

They make excellent flour--not your standard rice/cornstarch/potato/tapioca blend--these have chickpea & yellow pea flour in them, which makes them much more like wheat flour: good when you want to convert favourite wheat recipes.

Mr. Ritt’s Bakery

The ultimate luxury. Shipping is expensive, but they make cheesecake and sachertorte and they are simply decadent.


I cannot pronounce this. Their read to eat breads are moist and delicious--a far cry from the stuff in the package at the health food store. Shipping is a flat $10, so stock up or order together with another celiac.


A Canadian company--delicious mixes.


Ready made breads. Their older breads were not great, but they are updating their lines, and the new breads are improved. You can find them at Wild Oats, but there’s a wider selection on the Web. They also sell gluten Free Communion wafers.

The International Gourmet

Mostly desserts--no personal experience, but they look good.

‘Cause You’re Special

Lots of basic mixes. The pancake mix is excellent and makes light crispy waffles as well.

The Gluten Free Mall

Just like it sounds--you can shop at any of several great GF companies, pay once and have it shipped in one package.  They carry Don Pancho's GF wraps.