Gluten Free Beer!

For some of us, there's nothing like a cold one on a hot summer afternoon.  Now we can have one.

Ramapo Beer can be ordered from :
    Ramapo Valley Brewery
    122 Orange Avenue
    Suffern NY 10901
It's also carried at the Glenro Spirit Shoppe on the Monroe Turnpike in Monroe CT.

To have your local liquor store carry GF beer, have them contact:
Northeast Beverage Corporation of CT


The Celiac Disease Center's Celiac Blood Screening Day

This is the first Celiac Disease Center Annual Family Screening Fair.  Registration is $25 per person and includes screening for celiac disease, test results, educational sessions, cooking classes for teens, exhibits, food sampling and entertainment.
  You must register online before March 15 to participate.  Register early--there is limited capacity.

Screening Criteria
You must be 6+ years of age
You must be a first or second-degree relative of someone with celiac disease
You must be on a gluten containing diet for at least 60 days before testing