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Here are some excerpts from our First Parent Workshop held on February 8, 2004:

Restaurants suggestions:
Learn to relax about going...

          Be sure to specify ”Gluten Intolerance” with wait staff...
          Question the grill request burgers etc. be cooked in a pan...

          Try Thai or Indian restaurants

Here is a list of restaurants that are helpful:

Rainforest Café, West Farms Mall, West Hartford, Bill Wenzel, Mngr.
PF Jane’s, Chinese, in Westchester
Frascati Restaurant, 581 Newfield Ave, Stamford, 203/353-8900
Bear and Grille, Fairfield, ask for Nick the Manager, 203/333-1522
Citrus Restaurant, Milford, CT, 203/877-1138
Dakota’s, Rte. 44, Avon
The Great Wall, Rte. 44, Avon
TGIF: chicken Caesar salad, no croutons
Outback Steakhouse
Boston Market
Burger King
McDonalds fries in dedicated fryers, burger, no bun


Celiacs lack B and zinc, should take 2 times a day not to flush out of system...
Kirkmans vitamins are a good supplement...
For leg cramps you need potassium, calcium and B vitamins. 
Massages and soaks in Epsom salts also help leg cramps.

Due to popular demand we hope to schedule more workshops like this next year. It was enjoyable to be able to converse and learn from each other with only the parents present.

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