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Walkathon: Frequently Asked Questions
By Loretta Jay Stepanskiy


What is a walkathon? An organized fund-raising event for a specific cause with the purpose of allowing people to come together, raise awareness and collect funds to support the activities of the group. In our case it is to support research for celiac, and education and awareness campaigns.

How are funds raised? Individuals contribute whatever dollar amount that they choose. The money contributed is called a pledge (hence the term "pledge sheet").

Am I supposed to get the pledges? Yes, although it is not required. Ask around at the office, in the neighborhood, at church or synagogue. Use the opportunity to help others learn about celiac, and also to contribute whatever they would like. No amount is too little (or too much!). And just as important as raising money is getting the dialogue about celiac going. Remember, our goal is to educate. If you like, print out the page entitled "What is Celiac" from our website (

Who should the checks be made out to? Please have checks made out to the Greater New Haven Celiac Group.

Does everyone in a family need to register? Everyone over the age of 17 must register. You may register your child/ren, but it is not required. But keep in mind, the first 300 people who register will get our walkathon t-shirt.

Do I have to walk a certain distance? You may choose to walk as little or as much as you are comfortable with. It is the spirit of organized walking that we are after. Remember, there are other events besides just walking. For instance, the picnic, raffle/auction, games and just plain ole' socializing.

What is a "team’? Some people form teams. Teams are groups of people who walk together, sometimes to honor a certain person, other times just to recognize and appreciate that they are part of a smaller "family" within our bigger GNHCG "family".

Will there be food? Yes! Yes! and Yes! And it will all be gluten free, of course. The picnic follows the walk, and there will be quite a spread. All the food is donated, so if you know someone/some business that is interested in contributing these items, please contact Beverly Chevalier at 203/248-7644.

What are boosters? One of the ways to raise funds and awareness is to sell boosters (think March of Dimes' feet, sold at the supermarket). Our boosters are being sold for $1.00 each, and already many health food stores have expressed interest in selling them. Other businesses and organizations are also supporting our fund raising efforts and are selling them too: gymnastics class, girl scout troops, etc.  Please call Kim White for samples, 203/239-5139 or Your help is needed distributing and selling these boosters in your circles.

Are contributions tax-deductible? Yes, the Greater New Haven Celiac Group is a local chapter of CSA/USA, Inc., a non-profit, 501c3 organization.

Do we provide receipts for pledges? Although receipts will not be provided, contributors' cancelled checks will offer documentation of their tax-deductible contribution.

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